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Ashish is a celebrity astrologer, motivational speaker, strategic advisor and lifestyle coach.

He has built a tremendous reputation for accuracy in Vedic astrology in a scientific way. He has been consulting astrology for 15 years, including being a successful advisor to corporate companies and & individuals alike. He has a degree in commerce and Law and is also a post graduate in management. Ashish has also presented research papers successfully on different aspects of management. From a very young age, Ashish was fascinated by the stars and was also blessed with deep spiritual & astrological knowledge and understanding. He cultivated and mastered this gift over years of intensive and extensive study and research. He strongly believes that planets have a very strong influence on all of us. The transitions, retrogrades, conjunctions influences all of us tremendously.  His valuable advice has helped thousands of clients gain the best from the planetary movements in Personal Astrology, Marriage Astrology, Career Astrology, Medical Astrology, Corporate Astrology etc.


Having a deep understanding of the corporate world, he is able to address professional and personal issues with a more realistic and relatable point of view of modern life and ancient; yet scientific knowledge. His way of consulting, correct predictions and remedies have attracted large number of people from different cities in India and many other countries USA, U.K. and Middle East etc.


Having a positive approach towards life, he is an approachable empath who has influenzed and helped many. Ashish maintains the highest standards of confidentiality for his extensive clientele. His remedies have proven to be effective and not difficult as it is a part of your daily chore. Having a spiritual bent, the solutions provide comfort & peace of mind to his client. His advices to business set ups/organizations have helped them tremendously whereby the business has grown manifold.


A large number of individuals have taken benefit from Ashish Astrological Consulting Services. Now it's your turn to make your life better. You can book you appointment with Ashish for telephonic consultation or personal meeting to get his services.

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Ashish is an extremely bright and professional person. His deep insights, vast knowledge and real world implications of astrology are a breath of fresh air. I consulted with him when I was undergoing treatment for a serious medical condition, and all his recommendations, along with the timelines for cure were spot on. I have since consulted with him on a variety of matters both personal and professional and have never been disappointed. I highly recommend him.

Prashant Goel, Software Engineer

Toronto, Canada

Ashish is one of the best Vedic Astrologers. You want the best ? You have found him. He has been our family astrologer some time now. He gives the best Jyotish remedies. My sister has a new home, my mummy is healthy and my business is thriving.

Suchitra Maharana

Mumbai, India

I was recommended Ashish Sir by a friend. I had consulted him initially with some worries but Ashish is not one to just talk about that problem. He looks at the entire picture, spends a lot of time, explains the problem and also resolutions. He is not here like many others for a quick buck and genuinely treats this like a Science. He is very hands-on and always reachable. Ashish is a man my family consults now.

Deepak V., Screenwriter,

Mumbai, India

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