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An exclusive destination for Astrology in all facets of life. Remedies for problems & challenges in all the sections, including Medical, Corporate, Politics for leaders and aspiring politicians, Entertainers & Individuals. His approach to understand astrology is very scientific and logical. A one stop solution and guidance for all types of professional & personal challenges.



"Marriages are made in heaven & solemnized on earth." Every house of a horoscope of an individual contains all the information related to a particular event. Marriage & Relationships play a very important role in one’s life. Lack of harmony in relationships are a cause of deep trouble for the person who has to deal with it. Marriages & relationships get rocky on trivial issues. Divorce has become a general phenomenon. To counteract such challenges, one needs to get on the right path.


Ashish offers consultancy on the issues related to your marriage & relationship issues.  If you are looking for a match for yourself seek Ashish’s guidance for the same. So don’t worry, Just speak to Ashish...!


Business Team

In today's business era the role of a Corporate Astrologer has become integral. Today, corporate world is seeking guidance for alternate solutions with the help of Corporate Astrologers for increasing their businesses & profits. The corporate entity is driven by various individuals like CEO or Managing Directors and other key personnel. The horoscopes of these key persons become more important for the smooth running of their business and its growth prospects.


The astrological analysis of key managerial people gives more chances of success for particular projects at the time of appointment for achieving optimal goal of businesses. The horoscope analysis of new entrant in management team gives a significant insight to know strength & weakness of individual.


Ashish is an astrological strategy advisor to provide those effective strategies & guidance to reach a different level of success altogether. He offers valuable services to corporate to support the business in different verticals and horizons. Ashish can be contacted with full trust & confidence to know about different aspects of corporate astrology to maximize profit with full satisfaction for following areas.

  • Key Persons Hiring

  • Astrological Remedies for Business Growth

  • Astrological Remedies to overcome Business Losses

  • To know the right time to start new venture or new deal.


Woman in Plants

Ask any personal question to Ashish to know the right remedies related to your problems


Are you not getting success in life despite having put hard efforts? Is  failure hurting your life ? Just get an advice for the right direction for your success.


Is your life get become imbalanced? Are you not able to make yourself perfect in day to day life? So don't worry just discuss with Ashish about your issues.


Working with Coffee

Astrology plays a very vital role in career aspects of individual's life. Horoscope analysis is a powerful instrument which shows a right path. There are questions always bouncing on us like “Why me only”? When everything is right why is it going wrong?


If you are worried and going through anxiety, then Astrology by Ashish is  for you.


“Why do planets behave weirdly and that too with me” The scientific approach of astrology will guide you through the problem you are facing.  His services would help you identify the right move in your professional life.


  • Is it the right time to change the job?

  • How would be the new job?

  • Coping up with the stress of joblessness.

  • Identifying the right profession.


Ashish provides an opportunity to analysis your horoscope to enhance your career successfully. Astrological insights & effective remedies always help you to make better decisions for your career growth.


Desk with Stethoscope

Medical astrology is an ancient medical system that associates various parts of the body, diseases & drugs under the influence of planets along with twelve zodiac signs. Each of the zodiac signs along with planets is associated with different parts of the human body.


Questions always arise in our mind that “Why best of medicines do not effects in a curable disease”? Why miracles happen in critical cases where there is no ray of hope? In astrology, it is assessed that we are destined to go through that particular phase in a particular time, as an astrologer, a remedy is given to do a right thing at the right time. Even some of doctors pray to god to save the life of patient after putting in their best efforts.


Time and again, tried and tested since ages, spiritually a person can fight back the medical ailments. Alongside the medical treatment, medical astrology analysis and remedies by Ashish consulting would help to come out of it to a large extent.


In today's era medical astrology is a blessing of God to mankind for good health, in to, astrology will help too.


Avail the priceless knowledge which Ashish has in store for you.

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